Cost: $600  
$300 Deposit to reserve your spot and $300 ( balance ) payable prior to starting April 19th

Only 12 Spots Available for the three month course

This course is aimed at Creatives and Actors wanting to skip the waiting game and start
creating their own work.

Over 12 classes, students will learn the ins and outs of creating their own film content, from pre-production right through to post-production - working on any budget.Through the course, students will collaborate to film a piece of content, applying the skills theylearn in class, while also finding their own unique voice to create authentic and engaging work.

Marshall-Weishuai Yuan & Sangeetha Gowda from NOAH Films

* includes Videographer for filming scenes

Tuesday Nights
Starts April 19th

Creating Engaging Film Course
6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
2 Hours Per Week
Three Month Course

Class Outline - Content Creating on No Budget/Creating your own Work

Lesson 1: Introduction into Content Creation

  • Introduce ourselves and showcase some of our work
  • Get the class to introduce themselves and their goals/why they chose to do the course - whatthey hope to learn from it
  • Introduction into content creation and how it’s grown and become more accessible. Examples of different types of content creating and trailblazers in the content creation sphere

Homework: Find and list 4 favourite shows or films, note the genre & why you have a connection to it.

Lesson 2: Storytelling

  • Start with the homework
  • Discovering each students style and what their goals are through content creation
  • Letting them find their own unique ‘voice’ in their work
  • Explain good examples of this

Homework: Find 3 examples of good storytelling and 3 examples of bad storytelling

Lesson 3: Screenwriting part 1

  • Start with homework
  • Have student chose whether they want to write a scene or a short film to work on throughoutthe course
  • Help them brainstorm ideas
  • Show them script writing applications and how to download them
  • Go through script structure and show them a industrial standard script

Homework: Get ideas down for a script

Lesson 4: Screenwriting part 2

  • Start with homework
  • Creating characters: arc, uniqueness and relatability
  • Character objectives and motivations
  • Creating conflict within the story

Home work: Start writing a script which will working on through the course

Lesson 5: Cast and Crew

  • Start with the homework
  • Explain the different types of people in a film crew and what they do - mention minimumnecessity of roles required for content creation
  • Where to find cast and crew - go through some websites with students
  • Where to find equipment and basic equipment required to start content creation
  • What you can offer when you have no budget
  • Explain the importance of why a good team matters

Homework: Find websites that either rent equipment and cast

Lesson 6: Problem solving

  • Start with homework
  • Explaining all problems that could arise on a project
  • Provide personal examples of this
  • Let them solve some questions together with a slide show of examples

Homework: Give the class members some questions each

Lesson 7: Making a film together

  • Start with homework
  • Assign teams and pick scripts
  • Let the teams allocate roles and discuss ideas/start planning
  • Set a date to have the script/scene completed

Homework: Start planning their scripts

Lesson 9: Practical Knowledge

  • Hands on work with setting up a scene
  • Get students to use the equipment (they can bring their own equipment if they’re more
  • comfortable with using it)
  • Demonstrate how to use things more creatively depending on your budget

Homework: Start shooting their scripts and applying what they’ve learnt

Lesson 8: Production

  • Cinematography and frames and provide examples
  • Lighting and how it affects a shot providing examples
  • Production design - show good and bad examples
  • Colour palettes and costuming

Homework: Have film shot but not edited

Lesson 10: Editing

  • Demonstrate the editing tools they need e.i Davinci, Audacity, royalty free sites
  • Explain to them basic editing knowledge - cutting clips, mixing sound, titles
  • Have each team start their edit and observe

Homework: Have them edit the final cut and bring it to class

Lesson 11 :Watching the final product

  • Watching each teams film and discus it - what’s good and bad about it
  • Question each team on their process and what challenges they faced

Lesson 12: What happens after?

  • Talk about the different avenues for your project e.i film festivals, private screenings, social
  • media (youtube, vimeo, facebook)
  • Introduce them to Film Freeway and demonstrate how it works
  • Marketing, promotion and networking
  • Talk about professionalism in the industry
  • Final Q & A